7 ways to liven up your Cucumber Mint Mocktail

7 ways to liven up your Cucumber Mint Mocktail

As the warm breeze of summer sweeps in, it's the perfect time to cool off with a refreshing and tasty mocktail. One of the all-time classic flavor combinations for summer drinks is cucumber and mint. This dynamic duo creates a perfect balance of coolness and freshness, making it a staple for summer sipping that has stood the test of time.

From ancient Rome to modern-day mixologists, cucumber and mint has been a beloved flavor combination for centuries. In ancient Rome, the Emperor Tiberius was known for enjoying cucumber drinks to cool off during the hot summer months. He would have his gardeners grow cucumbers year-round so that he could indulge in his favorite beverage.

In more modern times, the renowned chef and restaurateur, Yotam Ottolenghi, is known for his signature cucumber and mint drink, which he affectionately calls "The Hulk." This vibrant green drink is made with fresh mint, cucumber, lime, and a touch of honey for sweetness. Ottolenghi's love for this refreshing and invigorating drink has made it a popular choice at his restaurants and a staple for his fans.

In this article, we'll show you how to add a twist to the classic cucumber and mint flavor combo with seven creative flavor pairings. Whether you're looking for a fruity and sweet option or a spicy and herbal one, we've got you covered with these super easy cucumber mint mocktails so you can cool off and get refreshed in the summer heat.


Classic Cucumber Mint Mocktail

Let's start with the Classic Cucumber Mint Cocktail

A refreshing and crisp drink that's perfect for summertime sipping. This one is a crowd pleaser! We've boosted the flavor by adding our favorite NA gin. Try the Drycraft Version of the Classic Cucumber Mint Cocktail!

Now onto our favorite variations: 

Strawberry Basil Smash - a cucumber mint mocktail with strawberry and basil

1. Strawberry and basil

Combine muddled strawberries and fresh basil with cucumber and mint for a fruity and herbaceous cocktail. Try the Drycraft version of The Strawberry-Basil Smash by mixologist Dale De Groff today—it won't disappoint!


Honeydew Cooler - a cucumber mint mocktail with honeydew


2. Honeydew and lime

Honeydew's juicy sweetness pairs well with the tartness of lime and the freshness of cucumber and mint. Try Drycraft’s version of the The Honeydew Cooler by mixologist Audrey Saunders Blend! It features honeydew melon, lime juice, cucumber, and mint topped with soda water. It's truly refreshing!


Blackberry Thyme Fizz: a cucumber mint mocktail with blackberry and thyme

3. Blackberry and thyme

The tart and slightly sweet flavor of blackberries complements the fresh and herbaceous taste of thyme, as well as the coolness of cucumber and mint. Drycraft’s version of the Blackberry and Thyme Fizz by Mixologist Ryan Chetiyawardana features blackberries and thyme alongside our favorite NA spirits to make this already great recipe even more adult.  


    Peachy Keen: a cucumber mint mocktail with peach

    4. Peach and rosemary

    The sweet and fragrant flavor of peach pairs well with the earthy aroma of rosemary, while the coolness of cucumber and mint balances out the sweetness.
    Try Drycraft’s version of Peachy Keen by mixologist Alex Day Muddle includes peach and rosemary and some really aromatic non-alcoholic spirits that boost the flavor!


      Pineapple Jalapeno Cooler - a cucumber mint mocktail with pineapple and jalapeno

      5. Pineapple and jalapeño

      Pineapple's tropical sweetness is tempered by the heat of jalapeño, while the freshness of cucumber and mint cools the palate. Drycraft’s version of The Pineapple-Jalapeño Cooler by mixologist Julie Reiner makes this drink extra tropical. You will feel transported to the islands with a simple sip. 


        Blueberry-Lemon Verbena Smash - a cucumber mint mocktail with blueberry and lemon verbena

        6. Blueberry and lemon verbena

        Blueberries' sweet and slightly tart flavor complements the citrusy and herbal taste of lemon verbena, while cucumber and mint provide a cool and refreshing backdrop. Drycraft’s version of The Blueberry-Lemon Verbena Smash by mixologist Jim Meehan is light and refreshing with more approachable ingredients that you can find! Don't be scared by the lemon verbena!


          Mango-Ginger Fizz - a cucumber mint mocktail with mango and ginger

          7. Mango and ginger

          Mango's tropical sweetness is balanced by the spiciness of ginger, while cucumber and mint provide a refreshing base. Drycaft’s version of The Mango-Ginger Fizz by mixologist Bobby Heugel Blend adds a special creaminess with some gut healthy mango ginger soda. 


            Give them a try!

            Stay tuned for more incredible recipes from Drycraft. We're always looking for amazing recipes from the best mixologists, where we can add a special twist. Check back often for updates!

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