Pineapple-Jalapeno Cooler Mocktail

Pineapple-Jalapeno Cooler Mocktail

The Pineapple-Jalapeño Cooler is a refreshing and slightly spicy cocktail created by Marshall Altier, a renowned mixologist who has worked at some of the world's most prestigious bars, including the famous Pegu Club in New York City. Marshall is known for his innovative approach to mixology and his use of unique ingredients and flavors.

One of Marshall's most famous cocktails is the Penicillin, which features a combination of scotch, lemon, honey, and ginger, and is a modern classic in the world of cocktails. Marshall's expertise in crafting innovative and delicious drinks is evident in his recipe for the Pineapple-Jalapeño Cooler, which perfectly balances the sweetness of pineapple with the heat of jalapeño.

The use of fresh jalapeño in this cocktail adds a subtle heat that is complemented by the sweetness of the pineapple and the tanginess of the lime. Our take on the recipe has less sugar and also includes a non-alcoholic spirit, making it a great option for those who prefer a non-alcoholic beverage without sacrificing flavor. Whether you're looking for a refreshing summer cocktail or a unique and flavorful mocktail, this Pineapple-Jalapeño Cooler is sure to impress.

Here's Drycraft’s version of the recipe for Pineapple-Jalapeño Cooler:

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