Our Rating System

Our Rating System

Just like when buying actual wine, we find the little descriptions to be really annoying. Why isn't there a standard way of describing the drinks so you can purchase with confidence and know what you're buying? We decided to distill those attributes down to a few key points to help you pick the something suitable for your preferences, whether you like drinks with strong or light flavor, premium organic ingredients, or something pretty for your bar cart.

    Drycraft Drink Styles

    What is a Wine Proxy?

    Wine proxies typically come in wine bottles and aim to replicate the taste of alcoholic wine, sparkling wine, or champagne. Some brands create de-alcoholized liquid and other times the liquid never goes through the fermentation process. We will always indicate whether it is de-alcoholized and if there are trace amounts of alcohol in the product. 

    What is a Spirit Alternative?

    Spirit Alternatives are typically distilled herbs and botanicals that are combined to replicate the taste and smell of alcoholic spirits like gin, whiskey, tequila and more. They are meant to be turned into a drycraft drink by combining with soda, juice, or other mixer.

    What is a Concentrate?

    Concentrates are specialty drycraft drinks that have a distinct flavor profile but should not be consumed straight from the bottle. They are meant to be mixed with soda, juice, or another mixer. 

    What are Bitters?

    Bitters are highly concentrated herbal and botanical liquids that are added to accent or balance a drink. Because mocktails are typically sweet and our sour, engaging a third flavor can give it complexity.

    Sometimes on other sites, you may see a concentrate described as a bitter, but they are only referring to the flavor profile and not the way that it is meant to be consumed. Bitters typically come in small bottles and typically contain very high levels of alcohol to maintain the volatile molecules that give these liquids their aroma. Bitters are sometimes used in non-alcoholic drinks to add complexity but because so little is added, it doesn’t increase the ABV of a drink substantially. You can find bitters in drinks marked as “mocktails” at bars and restaruants. 

    What are Cordials?

    While cordials can sometimes refer to the sweetest of liqueurs, they are increasingly being created as highly concentrated fruit based syrups that are non-alcoholic. There are a number of NA cordials that can be added to the drycraft drinks you prepare to add a little zing to the flavor profile. 

    What are mixers?

    Mixers are non-alcoholic beverages that might use to make alcoholic drinks more palatable, like soda or juice. Some of the drycraft drinks have very strong flavors that still need to be diluted to be enjoyed, so mixers are still an important pantry item!

    Drink Attributes

    How does Drycraft Drinks rate flavor complexity?

    When reviewing products, we will use five point scales across the following attributes: 


    What ingredients and additives are in my drink?

    Some drinks contain active ingredients that claim to provide health benefits. We’ll review these ingredients to see if they are all natural or if there are chemical additives that you should be aware of, like additional vitamins, tryptophan, caffeine or other ingredients.  We will also let you know if there are any added sugars. 

    Is the product organic, vegan, halal and/or lactose free?

    Some products use dairy to process their liquid. We will let you know if products are organic, vegan, halal, or low glycemic when that information is available. 

    What do the dollar signs mean?

    We use a simple dollar sign system to help you understand where the product falls within the category, similar to how you might look at restaurant listings. Since the prices vary by Drink Style, we will not be adding price points here initially, but that may change over time as we get more data points. 

    $ is on the budget option

    $$ is an everyday brand with quality ingredients and branding

    $$$ contains premium ingredients and potentially is a name brand

    $$$$ is ultra premium and aims for luxury segments


    Because many of these brands are most easily accessed online, we will rate the packaging used to ship the product as well as the actual bottle itself. Since the bottles often sit on display, whether on a shelf or on a bar cart, this is an important factor for many! We will also let you know if the packaging should not be a high factor for your decision because the drink needs to be refrigerated anyway!