Work events can feel exclusive if you don't drink

But they don't need to! Join the multitude of businesses that are creating more inclusive work events by providing non-alcoholic options for those who choose to go alcohol-free.

Non-Alcoholic Options For Work Events

Alcohol free options are part of diversity & inclusion 

Diversity and Inclusion is one of the top qualities employees look for in companies. So make sure your diversity and inclusion initiatives also extend to your workplace events. 

There are multitude of reasons for opting out of alcohol, including but not limited to: 

  • Religion
  • Health or Allergy
  • Recovery
  • Safety

And yet, still most workplace events revolve around alcohol. Whether it's a happy our or a work dinner, anyone who doesn't drink is often relegated to having sugary soda or water, leaving them feeling like a kid and left out of the experience. 

Because people tend to favor people who exhibit similar behaviors, these events can begin to develop implicit biases that may negatively impact peer perceptions of employee. So ultimately, it's more than just a preference, it's about feeling included and ensuring everyone has equal access. 


How to create and inclusive event

Ensuring you have an inclusive drinks offering for your event isn't difficult. It just takes a few clicks and then you're ready to go! Just like ordering your normal drinks for the event. 

You'll want to provide a few options for non-alcholic beer, non-alcoholic wine, and some ready to drink options in a can. The good news is, these beverages can serve more than just those who don't drink! They are great mixers to turn full proof drinks into low ABV drinks which is safer and healthier for everyone—especially if folks are driving!

If you're unfamiliar with the non-acoholic drink world, send us a note telling us more about your event, and we'd be happy to recommend some of the most popular drinks available. If you don't see a brand you want, we can even do special orders. Simply complete the form below and we'll help you make sure your office events are inclusive and fun with no and low drinks for everyone!

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