Prima Pave Rose Dolce vs Rose Brut

Prima Pave Rose Dolce vs Rose Brut

It’s a hot summer day, and you’re soaking in the sun by the pool, relaxing with a book and a glass of Prima Pavé nonalcoholic sparkling rosé wine. 

You appreciate the light flavors of the chilled bubbly beverage in your glass, knowing you’re getting the full experience and flavor profile of a sparkling rosé without the side effects of alcohol or added sugars for the rest of the day. 

Explore the complex flavors of one of Europe’s most favored and delicate wines with Prima Pavé rosés. A great way to refresh or celebrate a special event, you will hardly notice you’re drinking nonalcoholic rosé wine, thanks to the perfected flavors and fine craftsmanship of this Italian-made beverage.


What is Prima Pavé?

Dejou and Marco Marano founded Prima Pavé while Dejou was pregnant with her first child. As a Certified Specialist of Wine, she wanted to celebrate this momentous event with a nonalcoholic sparkling wine but found that the market fell short of what she was searching for. 

With over a decade of experience operating two companies in the food and tourism industry, the couple partnered with an innovative winemaker in Northern Italy and created one of the world’s top nonalcoholic rosé wines. 

Together, the trio formulated the perfect nonalcoholic rosé wine to celebrate special events, toast great achievements, and simply enjoy the incredibly refreshing taste of a fine Italian wine without the effects of alcohol. 

Today, we are comparing two of the three products Prima Pavé has created: Rosé Dolce and Rosé Brut. 




What Does Prima Pavé Rosé Dolce Taste Like?

Prima Pavé Rosé Dolce is one of the only nonalcoholic rosé wines I’ve tried that has a notable body to it. The first flavor you’ll notice from this sparkling rosé dolce is warm caramelized honey from the residual sugars. This creates a more in-depth flavor that is round and persistent. 

While dolce, which means “sweet” in Italian, describes this wine perfectly, it is not as sweet or heavy as traditional dessert wines, offering more refreshing and lighter notes. You’ll notice hints of fruit such as blood orange, candied lychee, and strawberry jam, though they are not overpowering or very pronounced.

The Prima Pavé Rosé Dolce pairs perfectly with Middle Eastern dishes with lamb, Parmagiano Romano, and desserts such as raspberry macarons. 




What Does Prima Pavé Rosé Brut Taste Like?

For those searching for a dryer, more Champagne-like nonalcoholic rosé, then the Prima Pavé Rosé Brut is exactly what you’re searching for. This wine offers a very dry experience, perfect for mixing in your mimosa or simply keeping on stock chilled in your fridge for the perfect occasion. 

You’ll notice slight hints of citrus flavors such as tangerine and nectarine, along with delicate berries like raspberry, lychee, and red currant. However, they are much less pronounced and will not disrupt the overall crisp and delicate flavor. 

From my nonalcoholic rosé wine tastings, I would say that the Prima Pavé Rosé Brut is very similar to the Noughty Sparkling Rosé. One of the major attributes I noticed about both wines is the delicate yeast flavor typically present in traditional Champagnes. 

The low acidity and tangy mineral taste make the Prima Pavé Rosé Brut perfect for balancing with savory foods such as Margherita pizza, prosciutto, and salmon. I recommend enjoying a chilled glass over a romantic dinner or clinking a glass with friends at an aperitivo served with traditional Italian meats and cheeses. 

What is the Difference Between Prima Pavé Rosé Dolce and Rosé Brut?

Prima Pave Rose Dolce Flavor Wheel

Prima Pave Rose Brut Flavor Wheel

I must preface this section by saying that I admire and enjoy both the Rosé Dolce and the Rosé Brut. However, they are two very different wines perfect for very different occasions. While similar in sharing the category of nonalcoholic sparkling rosé wines, the flavor profiles and experiences differ significantly. 

The Rosé Dolce has a heavier, fuller body with caramelized and round flavors with hints of honey. There are more noticeable berry and fruit flavors, making it pair well with desserts and Middle Eastern flavors and cuisine. 

The Rosé Brut is a much dryer flavored wine with a slight yeast flavor and subtle hints of tangy citrus fruit. The bubbles coating your mouth from your first sip will instantly have you feeling as if you are drinking fine traditional Champagne. The brut profile complements salty foods, perfectly counterbalances a chilled seafood tower, and makes an excellent mimosa base. 

One thing both of these nonalcoholic sparkling rosé wines have in common is the authentic experience of popping a cork to celebrate an event or achievement. While they may not have the alcoholic content of traditional sparkling rosé, you won’t miss anything about the flavor, experience, or bubbling sentiment. 

How is Prima Pavé Made?

Prima Pavé Rosé nonalcoholic wine is made from high-quality Italian grapes cultivated in the most prestigious regions. These particular wines are made with Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Gewürztraminer grapes. 

Produced in an all-natural process, it goes through de-alcoholization to ensure a 0.0% alcohol content. Unlike other nonalcoholic wines, Prima Pavé’s wines are traditionally produced and undergo an extra step to take out the alcohol content during the fermentation process. No sugar or chemicals are added during the process so as not to compromise the delicate flavors produced during its maturation. 

Where to Buy Prima Pavé Sparkling Wine

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