Noughty Sparkling Rosé Ultimate Review

Noughty Sparkling Rosé Ultimate Review

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Who is Thompson & Scott?

Certified B Corp, Thompson & Scott was founded by Amanda Thompson in 2017. She was raised on a plant-based, no sugar diet by hear health conscious mother, but eventually she made her way into alcohol.

Like a real life Emily in Paris, Thompson worked as an Arts broadcaster at the BBC and eventually got into the world of alcohol marketing, where she with prestigious Champagne producers. It was there she fell in love with the pop of the Champagne bottle, which was a signal for glamor and good times to follow.

Recognizing that alcohol is the new tobacco, she wanted to offer consumers an opportunity to change without disrupting their desire to party. Sparkling wine could still be a celebration without the “rock ‘n’ roll.”

And so she found a wine producer in Germany, and created Noughty, a brand with a tongue in cheek name that speaks to the fun that you can still have going alcohol-free. The line includes three varietals, including the Sparkling Rosé, Sparkling Chardonnay, and the Rouge. 


What is Noughty?

When you pop the cork off a Noughty sparkling wine, you’re drinking real wine that has had the alcohol removed through a delicate vacuum distillation process. The vacuum distillation process allows producers to remove the alcohol from wine without burning off the volatile aromatics that make wines so interesting.

There are many products on the market that product NA wines through the vacuum distillation process, but few achieve the caliber of Noughty’s Sparkling Rosé because of the types of grapes they use.

Noughty’s Rosé is created from 100% organic Tempranillo grapes grown in Southern Spain. The wine is then shipped to Germany where the wine is de-alcoholized and then undergoes a four hour maceration, where it picks up additional favors. Then it is lightly carbonated with the fine bubbles that you would expect from a high quality Champagne.

With NA Wines, the consistency is different than traditional wine, so it was really important for Thompson to achieve the weight of traditional wine on the palate. So instead of creating just another NA white or rosé, Thompson created a sparkling rose to get the right mouthfeel. It soon became the first top quality alcohol-free, organic, vegan, halal, low sugar sparkling.

With premium packaging, the Noughty Sparkling Rosé is perfect for a gift or special occasion.


What does the Noughty Sparkling Rosé taste like?

Noughty Rosé flavor wheel showcases the yeast, berry, and mineral flavors of the NA Sparkling Wine.

The Noughty Rosé is one of the best NA Sparkling Wines I have tried. While the flavor varies slightly bottle to bottle, the few times I have tried it showcases the delicate yeasty flavor you would expect from a Champagne alongside some light scents of freshly picked berries with the perfect balance of light sweetness and acidity.

While it’s not as nuanced as full alcohol wine, it does come close. The berry elements don’t make it feel like juice because they are balanced by superfine bubbles and the yeast flavor. So you can truly enjoy sipping away at this without feeling like you’re at the kid’s table.


My Overall Recommendation

The Noughty Sparkling Rosé is one of my go to NA Sparkling Wines for special occasions. But at only about $23 per 750 mL bottle.

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