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Drycraft Black Manhattan Kit

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Manhattans are one of our favorite drinks, and when you make it a Black Manhattan by adding a dark and caramelized amaro, it makes it even better!

The Pathfinder's dark amber liquid, infuses funky herbal flavors from fermented hemp, wormwood, Douglas Fir, and angelica root into the drink that play nicely with seasoning from the award winning bitters. This is an All Star drink created to highlight our Drycraft whiskey alongside the brands we love. 

These will all soon become your bar stapes! Each of these are concentrated flavors that can act as seasoning for any drinks! Play around swapping out ~1/4 ounce of another ingredient with the Drycraft Whiskey or the Pathfinder Hemp & Root and see how the flavors change!



Note: Kit does not include a coupe glass.