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Drycraft Drinks

Drycraft Whiskey

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Our unusual blend of fruits, herbs, and spices have created an non-alcoholic whiskey experience that offers a similarly intense experience, like the real thing. Just like with real whiskeys, adding water will allow the aromatics to come forward and showcase the nuances of smoke, leather, vanilla, and more.

Because it gets better with a little extra dilution, you can really sip at this and enjoy over time. Mix it with lemon and lime juice for the perfect Whiskey sour without sour mix or make it into an old fashioned with some orange bitters. 

Drycraft beverages are highly concentrated flavors, so they are meant to be used as ingredients in a beverage—you can often get away with using less than a full ounce to get great flavor in a 4 oz cocktail! For our Whiskey, we recommend adding an extra ounce of water alongside your other mixers and stir with ice for twice the time for the right dilution.


  • With Water: 1/4 oz Drycraft Wiskey to 2 oz water
  • On a Rock: Build in a glass, and stirring 1/4 oz Drycraft Whiskey with 1.5 oz water and a big rock
  • Old Fashioned: Build in a glass, stirring 2 dashes All The Bitter Orange, 1/4 oz Drycraft Whiskey, 1.5 oz water and a big rock
  • Black Manhatthan: Shake 0.5 oz Drycraft Whiskey, 0.25 oz The Pathfinder, 1 dash All The Bitter Aromatic Bitters, 2 Dashes All The Bitter New Orleans, 1.5 oz water and serve over a big rock. 


Organic Glycerine, Water, Smoked Wumei Plums*, Hawhthorne*, Licorice*, Cinnamon*, Vanilla*, Cayenne Pepper*.

*Botanicals and herbs are organically grown or wild foraged. 

No added colors, flavors, preservatives or sugars.


Each 12.7 oz (375 mL) bottle contains roughly 50 servings.