De La Calle Tepache

De La Calle Tepache

What we’ll cover in this review:

What is Tepache?

Tepache is a traditional fermented pineapple drink that is produced with pineapple rinds, sugar, water, and spices. It goes through a quick ferment, giving it a slightly tangy taste, similar to Kombucha.

Who are De La Calle Tepache?

De la Calle wants to celebrate the street food culture of Mexico—especially gathering people for good times and good eats.

Entrepreneur Alex Matthews was drawn to Mexico City through his passion for food, architecture, travel and design. After venturing away from the city’s more well known neighborhoods of Condesa, Roma, and Polanco, he found himself deep in the heart of the city’s produce and meat markets. There, he had his first encounter with refreshing and flavorful Tepache.

He discovered there were hundreds of variations of this drink available in Mexico, but it was not widely available elsewhere, like the USA. Through friends and colleagues, Alex was introduced to Rafael Martin Del Campo, a native-born Mexican who had learned how to make Tepache from his grandmother, but also studied culinary arts and food science technology.

From there, they were off to the races and iterated to create a Tepache recipe that could be put in a can so that they could share the tasty drink with more people and bring them together over unique flavors.

What’s the best way to drink De La Calle Tepache?

Although you might think you're limited to Tiki drinks, there are so many applications!
  • Simply pour it over ice and drink
  • Mix with Rum for a tiki-like drink
  • Mix with Monday Mezcal and lime for a smokey margarita. Add some jalapeno syrup for spice.
  • Use like a bitter by adding a few drops to Prima Pave Blanc de Blancs for a boost of flavor

My overall recommendation for De La Calle Tepache

With so many flavors to pick from, like the Citrus Tamarind that I tried or the Watermelon Jalapeno, there are so many possibilities! With low sugar as well as a ton of vitamins and priobiotics this is certainly a healthier alternative to soda. 


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