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Drycraft Drinks

Drycraft Spiced Elderberry & Black Cherry

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Earthy Elderberry, Tart Cherry, and Bitter Orange combine to create a complex sangria-adjacent beverage that can stand up to a good steak. With warming spices and calming adaptogens like ashwaghanda and reishi, you can cozy up with this bold and fruity red and ease into a relaxing evening. 

Drycraft beverages are highly concentrated flavors, so they are meant to be used as ingredients in a beverage—you can often get away with using less than a full ounce to get great flavor in a 4 oz cocktail!


  • Serve as a fancy soda by mixing 0.5 oz with 3.5 oz sparkling water and lots of ice. Boost the herbal qualities with our Drycraft Aphrodite Bitters or boost the floral qualities with our Drycraft Crème de Violette!
  • Mix with Gin to make it an easy bramble without the need to muddle any fruit!
  • Pairs well with steak, bacon wrapped dates, turkey dinner, fruit pie


Glycerin, Water, Elderberry Extract*, Tart Cherry Juice*, Cinnamon*, Gentian Root*, Star Anise*, Clove*, Yuzu*, Ginger*, Ashwaghanda*, Rieshi*, Astralagus*, Damiana*. 

*Botanicals are organically grown or wild foraged.



Contains 0.0% alcohol by volume

Contains 23 calories, 0 sugars, 9 carbohydrates per 0.5 oz serving.

No added sugars, colors, or preservatives. 



Each bottle is 12.7 oz (375mL) and contains roughly 25 servings.