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Drycraft Drinks

Drycraft Crème de Violette

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Add a splash of deep blue color, herbal floral flavor, and a touch of sweetness to any drink with our Drycraft Crème de Violette. This isn't doesn't taste like grandma's closet! Our exclusive recipe has depth and dimension that is rounded out by supplemental florals, strawberry shrub and other aromatics.

Butterfly pea extract is what gives this liquid it's naturally deep blue color. It has some fun, magical properties too! Simply add some acidic ingredients, like lemon juice to watch the color change from dark blue to purple, which makes it perfect for a tart gin cocktail, like the Aviation. Use it to create a fancy floral lemonade too!



  • Mix with apple cider vinegar and sparkling water for a refreshing priobiotic rich drink, similar to a shrub and soda
  • Mix with your favorite gin alternative to create a stunning Aviation cocktail
  • Add a few drops to any wine or wine proxy to give it extra complexity
  • Goes well with citrus, melon, and other fruit flavors



Organic Glycerin, Floral Hydrosols*, Strawberry*, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey

*Botanicals organically grown or wild foraged


Contains 80 calories, 5g of sugar per 1 oz serving. 



Each 375 mL bottle contains approximately 12 servings.