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Drycraft Drinks

Aphrodite Bitters

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If Aphrodite made an elixir of love, this would be it. Comprised of Damiana, Saw Palmetto Berry, Dong Quai, and other herbs used for thousands of years to promote relaxation, loosen defenses, and get those juices flowing. 

While the Bitter Orange offers a bitter sweet note, the Dong Quai imparts a unique richness and strong woody aroma, not unlike a buttery Chardonnay. Simply add to any fruit forward beverage to give it a funky wine-like quality or simply add to some soda for a refreshing aperitif. 



  • Simply add a few dashes to sparkling water for a refreshingly bitter aperitif
  • Add a dash or two to your favorite cocktail or the Drycraft Spiced Elderberry and Black Cherry to highlight its earthiness
  • Add a dash to a margarita to counterbalance the sweetness


Organic Glycerin, Water, Damiana*, Saw Palmetto*, Dong Quai*, Floral Hydrosols*, Yuzu Extract*

 *Fruits and botanicals are organically grown or wildly foraged.



7 Calories, 0g added sugar per 2 dashes (1.5 mL) serving.



Each 4 oz bottle contains approximately 78 servings.