7 Drycraft Cocktails For Every Day Of the Week During Dry January

7 Drycraft Cocktails For Every Day Of the Week During Dry January



Sunday: Noughty Mimosa

Sunday Brunch isn’t complete without a bubbly mimosa! OK so this isn’t really a recipe because everyone knows how to make a mimosa, but the key here is the champagne substitute you use. Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay or their Sparkling Rosé have nailed the experience of popping open a new bottle and both varieties bring the complexity and yeasty flavor you’re looking for.

"Smokey the Pear in the Wilderton," a zero-proof cocktail made with pear and Wilderton Earthen, a gin-like alternative.

Monday: Smokey the Pear in the Wilderton

The first day of the work week deserves a little indulgence to help ease back into reality. So why not pick a drink—during breakfast—that will transport you mentally to a place of zen and relaxation?

Now you might think I would suggest Monday Gin for Monday, but my favorite is a regional distiller from the Pacific Northwest called Wilderton. They use a special blend of herbs and botanicals that are water soluble and use a vacuum distillation process that extracts the volatile molecules that give you excellent flavor that reminds you of the woods of that area.

Add the Wilderton Earthen to some iced genmaicha and pear puree to create a refreshing and complex, floral moment to ease into your week.

A non-alcoholic version of the classic ginger cocktail, the Penicllin—this one made with a Lime and Ginger Shrub, For Bitter or For Worse Smokey No 56 and Trader Joe's Gnger Drink Powder.

Tuesday: Penicillin No 56

Dry January is about getting healthy too, right? So this Drycraft Penicillin will boost your immunity in a few ways!

Make yourself a homemade ginger shrub or pick up an Element Lime and Ginger Shrub and mix it with the well balanced For Bitter or For Worse Smoky No 56. Shrubs are incredible for gut health because they are an infusion of fruits, herbs, and spices in apple cider vinegar, which extracts both the flavor and the minerals of the raw ingredients.

Since this one includes ginger, it adds additional anti-viral properties and helps with digestion as well! For a smokier twist, brew some more Lapsang souchong and pour over ice. I’d drink this one everyday because it tastes great and has the added health benefits!

Sparkling Hop Wtr is a beer alternative with adaptogens and nootropics.

Wednesday: Hop Watr Michelada

Wednesdays are never fun, so lighten the mood a bit by sipping on a Hop Watr for a refreshing way to stay hydrated in the afternoon. You can even spice it up by using my favorite Michelada recipe, which has the added carmel notes from soy sauce, maggi seasoning that are balanced by the tart flavors of fresh lime juice and Tabasco.

An updated version of a pina colada that is less sweet and that has added spices from Lyre's Spiced Cane None Alcoholic Spirit to help you relax.

Thursday: Lyre's Cuban Style Pina Colada

Everyone knows Thursdays are the best night for a date, so time to get yourself prepped. I learned about this relaxing smoothie that I learned about during a trip to Cuba that was meant to help set a romantic mood! Blend up some coconut milk, pineapple, lime juice, lemongrass and cinnamon and ice to create the best version of a pina colada you’ll ever taste! Add some Lyre's Spiced Cane Non Alcoholic Spirit as a float or blend it in. Drycraft Speakeasy members can also pick up our Sexy Time Bitter to add even more adaptogenic boosters to get prepped for the evening.

Friday: Vybes Honeycrisp Apple Basil

Since the pandemic started, my Friday nights have been quiet nights to decompress versus nights on the town. CBD has been making its way into beverages with interesting flavor profiles. My favorites are Vybes, both of which have fruity and herbal flavors that remind me of summertime. Be sure to hold the liquid in your mouth for a few seconds to promote faster absorption so you can feel the mild relaxation a bit faster.

Saturday: Ghia & Three Spirits Spicy Watermelon Bitter

Saturday is all about finding something fun to do to make the most of your weekend—and that should include an Instagram-worthy drink. You can’t go wrong with a Spicy Watermelon Bitter to bring some delightfully refreshing bitterness to your drink. Mix the Ghia OG Bitter with the Three Spirits Elixir Livener to add some body, sweetness, and spiciness and create a feisty drink that brings you summer in the middle of winter. The Livener also includes guayasa and vitamin B12 to give you a boost of energy to get your social juices flowing so you’re ready for whatever activity is planned.

Got a cocktail you love for Dry January? Share with us in the comments below!

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