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Ritual Zero Proof

RITUAL ZERO PROOF Tequila Alternative

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RITUAL ZERO PROOF Tequila Alternative is crafted to add the same zesty flair to your favorite drinks as traditional tequila! Enjoy classic cocktails without the alcohol - made for cocktails, not meant to be consumed neat.

Enjoy a flavorful and aromatic experience without the guilt of alcohol or unnecessary calories. The grassy notes and smoky scent complement the bright kick of tequila without compromising your health.

This award winning non-alcoholic spirit is certified 98/100 Platinum by the Beverage Testing Institute, boasting earthy blue agave, Mexican lime, and tropical guava with a smoky mesquite finish.

Revolutionize your mocktail game! Perfect for margaritas, palomas, tequila sunrises, and even more creative, expertly crafted cocktails. Mix, serve, and enjoy!