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Pentire Coastal Spritz

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Pentire's Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit is carefully crafted using signature coastal botanicals, this remarkable libation captures the essence of nature's coastal bounty.

Embrace a healthier drinking experience that crafted with no added sugar, artificial colorings, or artificial flavorings for a grown-up drinking experience without the unwanted side effects.

Flavor Notes
Delight in the harmonious fusion of Pentire's naturally distilled coastal botanicals, expertly combined with the vibrant flavors of Blood Orange, Sea Rosemary, and Oakwood. Each sip unveils a perfect balance of natural bitterness and refreshing coastal tones, ensuring a taste experience that is both exquisite and invigorating. 

How to Enjoy
Indulge in the classic Pentire and Tonic ritual by combining 50ml of Pentire Coastal Spritz with 150ml of tonic water over ice. Elevate the presentation with a garnish of bay leaf, sage, or rosemary, adding a touch of elegance to your libation. Allow the flavors to dance on your palate and transport you to the picturesque coastal landscapes that inspired this exceptional creation.
We love using Pentire's spirits for really interesting takes on savory cocktails, like dirty martinis or gibsons. This aperitif adds a unique salinity to negronis or a your favorite summer time spritz. 

Bottle Size
Each bottle is 700 mL