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PARCH Spiced Piñarita (8.4 oz, 8 Pack)

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Experience the unique flavors of the Sonoran desert when you enjoy PARCH Spiced Piñarita! This smoky, spicy take on the margarita cocktail is crafted from 100% plant-based ingredients, like Blue Weber Agave, prickly pear cactus fruit, mole bitters, and cocoa extract. Gluten free, vegan-friendly, and infused with functional adaptogens for a truly unique experience.

Experience the Parch Effect with PARCH Prickly Paloma, an RTD non-alcoholic agave cocktail. Infused with desert botanicals to bring out the natural sweet and tart flavor of the Sonoran Drylands. Reap the benefits of adaptogens to help relieve stress and optimize wellbeing, all without caffeine! Perfect for sober curious friends and family.

Plant-based, gluten-free, and vegan friendly, enjoy the perfect balance between flavor and benefits.

8.4oz per can, 8 pack