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Thomson & Scott

Noughty Sparkling Rosé

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Pop of the cork and start the party with one of our favorites! This dry, crisp, and refreshing rosé has bright complexity and light tannins making it easy to sip on its own or pair with food.

Thompson and Scott set out to produce a fun party drink that allows you to pop a cork and feel the glamor of champagne without the headache. They paid particular attention to what a great Champagne should taste like and aimed to maintain as much of that flavor as possible, even after it is de-alcoholized.

Using Temperanillo grapes from southern Spain, Noughty creates a medium-dry profile with a lot of structure from tannins. The pink hued wine has flavors of light berry, like strawberry and raspberry, without being too overly fruity or sweet. Perfect for a celebration toast or if you just want a sophisticated drink at brunch that won't wreck your day.

With 2.9g of sugar per 100ml, it’s almost half the sugar content of other non-alcoholic sparkling wine. And with just 14 calories, we never feel like it's too much of an indulgence. 

We love having some on hand just in case we have company.



  • Serve chilled in a white wine glass so you can get the full berry and yeast aromas from this rose
  • Serve with orange juice for a NA mimosa
  • Create a French 75 Rosé or a Rosé cocktail with some All The Bitter New Orleans



Alcohol Free Organic Chardonnay, Organic Sugar, Carbon Dioxide, Preservative: Sulphur Dioxide



Contains 25 calories, 0g fat, 110mg sodium, 8g carbs, 8g sugar per 148 ml (5 Oz) serving. 



 750mL bottle