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Kally Non Alcoholic Drinks - Made with Verjus, Berry-Fennel Flavor

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Kally's Berry-Fennel flavor is an expertly crafted non-alcoholic drink that's unlike anything you've tasted before. Experience a perfectly balanced combination of bold, earthy notes, sweet berries, and dark chocolate for a sipping experience like no other.

Sipping Kally's Non Alcoholic Drinks will tantalize your taste buds with its Berry-Fennel flavor. With its natural complexity and mouth-watering blend of flavors, you won't believe it's alcohol-free! Enjoy the unique "bite" of Kally for a beverage you can savor with every sip.

Kally drinks are expertly crafted with young chardonnay grapes, giving a unique and deliciously tart flavor to every sip. Our hero ingredient Verjus is carefully pressed to give a perfect balance of acidity, flavor, and bite to make every beverage unforgettable. Enjoy the Berry-Fennel flavor without the alcohol!


750 mL bottle