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For Bitter For Worse

Eva's Spritz

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When the Aperol Spritz is too basic and sometimes too sweet, opt for Eva's take on it. A single sip will transport you to a spring garden full of sunshine, vegetal rhubarb and 12 floral botanicals. You get all the lovely bitter notes you've grown to love and a little extra earthy flavor to add body. Use it an drink that calls for Aperol or Campari and you've got yourself a winner.

Inspired by a classic aperitif, infused with a lush garden and a childhood snack

Shelley is the awesome producer over at For Bitter For Worse, where she and her husband aim to create a community around health and a new way of drinking. When she was a child, her Grandma Eva would give her rhubarb and a paper cup of sugar as a snack, while she would wander around her grandparents' lush garden.

So she aimed to recreate that memory into a bright, refreshing drink with less sugar. The result was also inspired by an classic Aperol spritz. With the addition of 12 other botanicals, the rhubarb base was transformed into sunshine in a bottle with complementary notes of sweet and bitter orange and other spices.

Note: This drink contains less than 0.5% ABV.