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Champagne Cosmo Reboot Recipe Kit

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Carrie Bradshaw's favorite drink is getting a NA upgrade! It's a shame they didn't showcase this on And Just Like That, the SATC reboot because it would have perfectly complemented the NA wine they drank at the picnic. 

In our version, the festive sweet and sour drink is balanced with some bubbles, more complex aromatics, and spice. So when you're ready to brunch like the ladies did, swap out the mimosas for this reboot.  

Kit includes:

  • A Champagne Cosmo Reboot recipe card
  • A bottle of Wilderton Lustre ($42.00 value)
  • A bottle of Prima Pave Rose Brut ($26.00 value)
  • A bottle of All The Bitter Orange ($26.99 value)


*stemware, cutting board, and lime cranberry juice not included