Smokey Wilderton Pear Martini

The "Smokey The Pear In The Wilderton" Martini

When I was in college, I loved going to the local hotel restaurant that shall not be named and grabbing cocktails. For whatever reason they didn’t card 😳 — and because I was young and naive, I always ordered the fresh pear martini, which came with the flavor of fresh pear purée. Or at least I thought it was fresh. It was a gourmet restaurant after all with a strawberry, brown sugar, and creme fraîche desert that I was also in love with. So I swear it tasted fresh okay? 🤦🏻‍♂️

After graduating and moving to NYC, my tastes matured. After discovering the plethora of mixology bars, I stopped going for the super sweet cocktails and instead opted for new complex flavors, often with a little smokiness. Since moving away from NYC, I still dream of my favorite cocktail, The Colonel, which can be found at The Orient Express in the West Village of NYC.

Looking at their website, The Colonel has since been discontinued 😭 and replaced it with three, what I can only assume are lesser drinks. Just kidding. Not kidding. Ok kidding! The Colonel was mezcal, lemon, lavender simple syrup, and potentially a few other ingredients served in a double old fashioned glass with a single large square ice cube. It tased like an elevated margarita with its smokiness and herbaceous-ness. And it has since become one of my favorite flavor profiles that I seek out, but I have never found one that lives up to that drink either.

Every now and then, I get the hankering for the floral flavors of the floral pear. Strangely, I haven’t been able to find another pear martini with the same floral quality, so I set out to make it myself—but with a twist. Combining my two favorites to make a super drink: Smokey The Pear In The Wilderton! The lavender and lemon aspects would help to enhance the floral qualities of pear and prevent it from oxidizing too much, and this one ends up not being too sweet either! Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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